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On Demand Automation - TXE Nova barcode-control for Challenge 3-side trimmers
The TXE-Nova barcode-system transforms your Challenge Machinery 3-side trimmer into a fully automated on-demand trimming solution, capable of producing books with varying dimensions in single run without any additional operator interference. The system ..
Challenge CMT130 TC - 3-kant snijder voor boeken
Perfect binding has made great strides in recent years. Traditionally, short-run book trimming duties have been carried out by traditional guillotines but the process is time-consuming and wrought with possibilities of book damage due to operator error. Dra..
Challenge CMT330TC - 3-knife trimmer
De Challenge CMT330 is een 3-kant snijder met 3 messen specifiek ontwikkeld voor on-demand boekproducties. De CMT is modulair configureerbaar en stelt razendsnel volledig automatisch om zonder mechanische handelingen - kortom je hoeft dus geen aanslagen of ..