On Demand Automation - CP Bourg BBU - Bourg Barcode Upgrade for perfectbinders

On Demand Automation - CP Bourg BBU - Bourg Barcode Upgrade for perfectbinders
Merk: OnDemand Automation
Model: KentieCS BBU 200.001

(CP Bourg Barcode Upgrade for Bourg BB3002, BB3102 and BB3202 perfectbinders)


BB3002  BBU barcode upgrade - the perfect match..
The new Bourg Barcode Upgrade for the Bourg BB3002 and revolutionary BB3102 expands the already smart and flexible POD perfectbinder to a fully controlled binding station capable of producing checked and validated softcover books on a single-book-level! The Bourg Barcode Upgrade uses state-of-the art barcoding technology to verify inline if bookblock and covers match and in case of a wrong combination the system holds rapidly without creating any valueable waste.
What's your benefit?
By utilizing this system you'll able to achieve inventory-free production by ensuring every book leaving your facility is a perfect match! The possibility to retrieve valueable generated production data will help you to get grip and streamline your workflow and by adding an optional, computerized, 3-side trimmer you'll benefit even more while having a fully automated book-of-one finishing solution at your disposal.
Who is it for?
A Bourg binder-barcode combination is the ideal companion for every existing or new to launch POD facility who aims to produce softcover books fast and efficient on a single-book-level with minimal operator interference - especially in environments with a wide variety of operators, simply because the brains are embedded now inside your machine!
Will it fit?
As the barcode-system is capable of retrieving and sending dynamic, XML-based, data - it can be embedded in any existing environment and by utilizing this open approach, the system is ready for the years to come. The Barcode Upgrade is compatible with both existing and new BB3002 and BB3102 perfectbinders equipped with EVA hotmelt or PUR glue.
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